Using the cold cycle only, blankets are washed in an EQyss Blanket Wash. If you choose, we run the blankets a second time to waterproof using Nikwax Rug Proof wash on solution. It is SAFE for uses on all products for animals. We then extract the water from the blankets and air dry them for the following couple days. Let us know if you need any repairs, we offer those as well! Your blanket will come back to you looking (and smelling) better than ever! Please print off the Service Order Form and have it filled out with all the pertinent info and put it in the bag with each blanket. This will ensure we don’t mix up or lose anyone’s blankets.  

What our customers are saying about our washing service:

“Hi Kate, I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did with the blankets!! You mended everything so well, and they are so clean–just like new. And very reasonable rates. Thanks again. I hope you will continue this much needed service!”

– Teresa M.


You can download an Order Form by clicking the purple icon to the right!