Poulin Feed


Decade Line

Challenger 14:8 (pellet)

Stable Sweet Tradition 13:5 (textured)

Complete Diet 13:3 (pellet)

Equi-Pro Line

Performance 10:12 (textured)

ProMax 12:12 (pellet)

PerforMax 12:12 (textured)

Mare & Foal 15:6 (textured)

Senior with Glucosamine14:6 (pellet)

E-Tec Line

One 14:8 (pellet)

Balancer 24:3 (pellet)

Carb Safe 11:6 (pellet)**

Fibre Max 14:14 (textured)

Senior Low Carb 14:10 (pellet)**


Forage Extender Mini-Bites

Wheat Bran

Alfalfa Cubes (50lb)

Beet Pulp Shreds

**Great for horses that are sensitive to sugars & starches

Please call for pricing and all other questions regarding poultry, cow, dog/cat & commodities that we also sell.


You can check out all of the specifics of Poulin Grain by clicking here to be directed to their website!

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